Welcome to TouchDown Enterprises

Here’s a little information about us.

TouchDown Enterprises is a privately held, multi-faceted company with interests in the computer industry, music industry, and multimedia. Since its inception in 1996, TouchDown Enterprises has done business with the intention of providing better prices for consumers and businesses along with great customer service and support. To that end, four divisions were developed to serve separate yet related functions in each field of interest. Those divisions are:

TouchDown Enterprises – the main division handling technology evaluation, repair and service. Services include but are not limited to trouble-shooting computers and peripherals, Internet services, and wired and wireless network design.

TouchDown Entertainment – the artist and production management division. Serving our music industry interest, this division is always looking for new talent. This division is also the first point of contact for your multimedia needs. Some of our in-house artists and producers could be on your next project.

TouchDown Productions – the music production and multimedia production division. With its own studio containing state of the art equipment, this division’s primary focus is to service the needs of the Entertainment division. Whether the job is to produce quality music and lyrics for new artists or to produce a well designed multimedia project or web page with quality graphics and sound for a client, this division can handle it.

TouchDown Publishing – the publishing division of TouchDown Enterprises.